I was born in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio.  Raised in Dublin, I began working when I turned 15 at a grocery store (now out of business and run as a Giant Eagle) called Big Bear.  When I turned 17, I joined the United States Army Reserve as a supply specialist.  I went to Basic Combat Training at Ft. Benning, GA for the summer.  I came back, finished high school, and then returned for further training in the Army.  Once that was completed, I began my time at The Ohio State University for my undergraduate degree majoring in History with a minor in Geography.  

My time at OSU was busy to say the least.  I went to classes full-time, worked full time at the Limited Headquarters while also working part-time in the United States Army Reserve.  During the next five years I joined many academic honors societies, graduated college in the top 5% of my class, and was deployed to participate in the opening phase of the second Gulf War against Iraq.  I was stationed in Qatar, where I was promoted to Sergeant, and worked with interesting people during my stay.  I had the opportunity to meet with former President Bush, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and General Clark among others.

After graduating college I was accepted into graduate school at OSU for my teacher licensure (Integrated Social Studies, grades 7-12).  I had the privilege of completing my student teaching at Gahanna Lincoln High School.  During my student teaching my beautiful daughter Grace was born early.  I stopped the program temporarily in order to take care of her and completed my student teaching the following year.  I graduated with a 4.0 GPA from graduate school, was hired at Gahanna Lincoln High School, and now I have the privilege to help train America‚Äôs youth into informed, productive citizens able to compete in the global economy and help them become life-long learners.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, serving at my church, reading, working out (P90X, X2, X3), making movies (especially special effects), and playing video games.